Celebrating the

Medicinal Trees of the Amazon

The Amazon rain-forest is home to an estimated 16000 tree species. Some of these are considered medicinal.

Amazonian shamans work with medicinal trees to provide physical and spiritual healing. The trees are aware. They are teachers. They communicate.

But trees don't have internet, so we've created this site on their behalf.

Because they're beautiful. Because they're our friends. And because they're worth protecting.

So what are you waiting for?

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Trees Talk ...

Trees are more than just their roots, trunks and crowns. They are spiritual beings with a physical presence in our world.

When you see a tree, you see only one small part of it. And they talk...

Terri with tree smallMore about how trees talk

... and they have personalities

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The medicinal trees’ essence is spirit, and through spirit we meet, connect and communicate with them.

When you connect with a tree you’ll find in it a loving friend, teacher, and healer.

They've usually got a quirky sense of humor, too!

More about meeting Tree Spirits
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Ana Caspi
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Chullachaki Caspi
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Lupuna Blanca
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Punga Blanca
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Remo Caspi
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