Ana Caspi

Leptolobium Leiocarpum


Queen of the Jungle

The head medicine spirit of this tree is a giant royal being veiled in vibrant multi-colored jewels and gems.

Its medicine is all about opening the heart, gentleness, straightening, and balancing.

This is one of the giants of the Amazon. Sometimes known as “La Reina del Bosque” or the Queen of the Jungle, Ana Caspi’s energetic and spiritual expression truly embodies that title.

Strength, balance, compassion, gentleness, true friendship, open-heartedness. Ana Caspi holds your hand and walks you through the heaviness of life.

The head medicine spirit of Ana Caspi is a giant with a crown and all the ornaments appropriate to this entitlement. This spirit is of no gender (like all the trees), its energy bringing balance to both the natural aspects of our life: male and female.

It is simply beautiful and its aura is welcoming and soothing. You walk by Ana Caspi and a special connection with the heart is triggered. This is definitely one tree where, as Westerners, we can understand why the traditional shamans used to diet a tree: to sit, meditate, sleep, and eat beside it during a period of solitude and communion.

Ana Caspi reminds us to be gentle with ourselves, to nurture, open and follow our heart. Invite Ana Caspi into your life and allow its medicine to help guide you with grace, ease, harmony and balance when challenging times arise.

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