Calycophyllum Spruceanum

Caucasian Man

Capirona’s head medicina spirit takse the form of a caucasian man.

So far I haven’t met Capirona in this form, but I hope one day I will :)


Capirona’s trunk is doubly distinctive. It sheds its bark on a regular basis, going from the soft brown that you see on this page’s title photograph, to a slippery green as you can see in the photo gallery. The trunk of Capirona feels like slippery rubber.

During the process of changing color, which happens according to season, Capirona will shed its bark completely. Capirona trees can reach a height of 30 metres (the approximate height of the rain-forest canopy), and they like to live in groups.

Capirona’s spiritual nature resembles its physical form. Dark energies just “slide off”, and therefore cannot harm. This is an attribute that the tree can share with you and imbue you with; it is a powerful protector spirit.

In Ayahuasca ceremonies, shamans will often invoke Capirona to calm the space, or to help participants who are having a rough time.

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Spirit Story

We are missing a personal spirit story for Capirona.

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