Lupuna Blanca

Ceiba pentandra — Giant Tree



The head medicine spirit of Lupuna Blanca is a Giant.

Enormously vast, stable and strong, Lupuna provides protection and stabilizing energies.

Lupuna Blanca is the Giant of the Amazon, and therefore very fittingly, its spirit avatar is also a Giant.

Lupuna’s medicine is very versatile, helping stabilize, protect, straighten and strengthen, as well as calm and ground you. You can call on Lupuna to help strengthen and straighten the mind and the body as well as to help you ground and relax. You can call on Lupuna for just about anything you need help with, as it also helps with connecting to the heart.

Attached to its enormous trunk are vast buttress roots, the visible parts of which grow up to several meters in height and extend up to 4 or 5 meters radially from the trunk. Its roots must be so huge as they support a trunk that is 5-10 meters in diameter. It would take 10-20 grown men to form a circle around a grown Lupuna Blanca’s trunk.

At 45 meters above the ground it begins to form its crown. At this point massive branches separate from the trunk and extend in a sideways motion, as though a giant umbrella had been opened above the rain-forest’s canopy. In the heights of its crown thrives its very own miniature eco-system.

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Spirit Story

I was on a one-week visit to the rain-forest, and one day the shamans took a group of us to meet Lupuna Blanca. We walked for 30 minutes, and then we saw it in the distance. The trees of the forest are large and majestic, but this Giant tree towers over all of them.

We spent 10 minutes or so walking around the trunk, touching it, making its acquaintance. Then the Master Shaman talked to us, and took our questions. He explained that the medicinal trees are not primarily of this world. They have a presence here, but what they really are pure spirit incarnate. We can behold their beauty, but what we connect with is the their spirit, which is not of this world. I sat on one of the large roots, then lied down on it as I listened. I could feel the energy of this tree very clearly. It was vibrating slowly, calmly, like a giant, completely unperturbed but also delighted by the small beings bustling around its feet. I felt its immense strength.

Later that day, Maestro called on the Lupuna Blanca spirit in ceremony. At first I didn’t recognize this energy, and it felt very alien. It felt so different from my tree friend Remo Caspi. With Remo Caspi, the first communication had come easy, like hanging out with a trusted older brother whom I hadn’t seen in a while. But Lupuna Blanca scared me at first. In this ceremony I felt its energy becoming ever stronger, vibrating, shaking me in my core, shaking everything loose. We didn’t speak the same language until I allowed myself to listen. “You are so strong, so different, but you’re my friend”, I called out to it. No words came back, but I felt agreement.

My fear was turned into strength. I stopped trying to fight the giant, and its strength seeped into me. Riding on the waves of the Icaro, I became the Lupuna Blanca tree. I became a Giant.