Punga Blanca

Punga Blanca

White Anaconda

Provides protection. Used to pull or draw out negative spirits or energies.


The medicine of Punga Blanca helps cleanse and release dark, dense energies like fear and resistance, and it also provides protection.

Punga’s doctor spirits can appear as large serpents or anacondas that help cleanse & release dark, dense energies by wrapping themselves around them and then pulling them out. This is common to occur in the torso area or the trunk area of the body, where we like to hold fear and resistance. Next time you see a big anaconda in your vision space, they are with us, say hello and remember that Punga’s job is to actually help you release fear and other dark, dense energies and is also a great protector spirit.

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Spirit Story

The photographs that you see on this page were taken when I came across a grove of Punga Blanca while we were on a boat excursion during high rain season.

As we were maneuvering the boat very slowly and carefully through the high grass, it felt like we were being guided and something was calling us. Just as we moved through the high grass, there they were, this beautiful grove of Punga just waiting for us.

There was a patch of clearing in the water, just big enough for the boat to move through easily where we tied the boat off and spent some time with Punga. It was clear to me then that it was Punga guiding us, calling us towards them.