Remo Caspi

Aspidosperma Excelsum — Oar Tree

The Warrior

The Remo Caspi spirit is a native warrior.

It exemplifies the ancient virtues of spiritual warriors: stability, perseverance, strength in the face of adversity, and courage in the face of fear.


Look at that trunk! This is the Warrior Tree, and it is truly one of a kind.

Defying conventions, Remo Caspi’s trunk is a composite stream that comes together in one fluid motion, like frozen liquid, with trunklets wrapping around each other in one upward movement. If trees had muscles, this one would be ripped. Meeting and intertwining from the roots to the canopy, it forms hundreds of nooks and crevices that offer a welcome home for rodents, mushrooms, spiders, ants and insects.

Locals call Remo Caspi the Oar Tree because its wood is strong and light, perfect for making canoe paddles. A maybe more fitting name is the Warrior Tree. With its avatar a native warrior, Remo Caspi exemplifies and bestows the ancient virtues of the spiritual warrior: stability, perseverance, strength in the face of adversity, and courage in the face of fear.

In Ayahuasca, ceremonies shamans invoke Remo Caspi to move dark energies. When they work with you, the dark-skinned native warriors come in force to help straighten energies that are dark, dense, or entangled. Mimicking it’s physical, braided form and the power of an oar that moves through water to move the boat, Remo Caspi medicine will unravel what’s entangled and cleanse you thoroughly.

The crown of a fully grown Remo Caspi tree is 30m above the ground.

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Spirit Story

At home in the city I had heard a recorded Remo Caspi icaro. Without ever having seen this tree I felt drawn to it. On my next trip to Peru I asked a shaman to take me into the forest and meet a Remo Caspi tree. He said that he would.

The shaman had a particular tree in mind. For 10 minutes we walked quietly through the forest until we found it. It was large and powerful. Its trunk would require three of me to reach around.

I sat down and leaned against the Remo Caspi tree, while the shaman began to slowly make a beat with his leaf rattles. Gradually the song became louder and more energetic, and as its pace picked up I felt the strength of the tree stream into me where my body touched its trunk. Then I felt its strength enter me not only from the physical connection, but from all around. A tribal warrior appeared in my vision space, walking out of the forest and bidding me welcome. Soon an entire tribe of warriors approached from the depths of the forest, lining up in a wide circle around the shaman, the Remo Caspi and myself. The spirits of all Remo Caspi had gathered to bid me welcome and offer their friendship.

The Icaro ended. The shaman and I blew smoke on the tree as a blessing. “Did you see?”, he asked me, “they all came out of the forest to greet us.”